Have any kinks from that you'd like to see have its own page? List them here! You can use this list or even TV Tropes for inspiration or make up your own. (Awesome/Catchy name is optional.)

Kinky TropesEdit

  1. Vulnerability
    1. Seconding this one!
    2. Third-ing?
    3. My primary fetish.
    4. We should definitely have this.
    5. I agree
  2. Wings
1. Seconding this one!
2. Thirded!
3. Fourthd!
  1. Bondage Fetish
1. Seconding this.
2. absolutely thirding this
  1. Catgirl/Catboy Fetish
    1. Seconded.
  2. Glasses Fetish
  3. A fetish on a society that is so open minded on sexuality that groups of full nudist or public orgies doesn't make anyone bat an eye
  4. Muscle Growth Fetish (Male or Female)
  5. Gender Bender Fetish
  6. Rape
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    2. Seconding too
  7. No underwear/Going Commando
    1. I second this one
  8. Guyliner/Eyeliner on men
  9. Grandma What Massive Hotness You Have
  10. Uniforms
    1. Seconded! Mmm.
  11. Drag/Crossdressing
  12. Unkempt Beauty
  13. Suits
    1. Yes, please.
  14. Fem-Dom
    1. Seconding.
    2. Thirding.
    3. Yep. Especially more subtle, less sadistic examples. I think it's all about the attitude.
  15. Secrecy ((in the "no one can know we're together because they'd hate us for it/seperate us/kill us/court martial us/etc" way, that is))
  16. Xenophilia
  17. Cat Fight
  18. Catsuits
  19. Blondes. Possible name: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
    1. Seconding.
  20. GAR (essentially sexualized badassery)
  21. Vore and its subfetishes.
  22. Bare Midriffs
  • Hell yes, seconded!
  1. Pranks, cons, and other information-imbalance activities that has one person putting something over on the other
  2. Tongues, especially longer than average ones, pierced ones, etc.
  3. Giantesses (macro-/microphilia)
  • I second this.
  1. Feces(eating, rubbing on body, etc.)
  2. Transwoman fetish
  3. Echo of trope 'Marilyn Maneuver': skirts blown into the air.
    1. Second
  4. High Heels
  5. Stepford Smiler (Or, just hiding one's true feelings, or keeping their Dark And Troubled Past a secret... but, failing.)
  6. Becoming The Mask (more specifically, switching alliances to the good side/protagonist's side)
  7. Hot Blooded(-ness)
  8. Protecting/Saving Others
  9. Nosebleed (Not one that you get from any illness or injuries... If You Know What I Mean.)
  10. transvestic
  11. having sex with an adult nanny (NOT baby play okay licking womans tits and putting ur head bewteen ur tits)
  12. Pegging (To those unfamiliar with the term, a woman doing a guy with a strap-on dildo) Possible name: You're Getting Rusty (Named for the character who was forcefully subjected to this practice in Myra Breckinridge) Also known as "Take It Barry".
  13. Drowning
  14. A Date With Rosie Palms?
  15. Shower/bath scene, including someone obviously having just come out of one.
  16. Wabi-Sabi
  17. Someone being extremely turned on.
    1. ​Seconding!
  18. Death
  19. Ageplay
  20. Stuffing (with food)
  21. Pampering
  22. Guilty Pleasures; ie. noticing something fetishy about a show or celebrity you would never admit to watching/looking at. memes
    1. Done!
  23. Going beyond the scene. I don't really know how to name this one. I've noticed lots of scenes in movies where the people involved gets flirty or even semi-make out in scenes where they aren't supposed to do so. Example: In the movie Pippi Longstockings (1970) there are some scenes were Pippi's father picks her up, as any father would, but he grabs her by her butt and smiles in a kinda malicious way to Pippi. The girl (Inger Nilsson) playing Pippi, lets out a equally flirty smile, completely out of context with the scene. He puts her down on a table but when she's on her knees, he puts his hand between Nilsson's buttocks and almost fingers her on camera. Also, there is the scene were she gets on board of her daddy's boat, and he starts throwing her to the sailors, who pass her to the next as if she were a rag doll and each one grabs her butt as long as he can and then face-sitting on daddy's face. I really doubt anybody would script those scenes for a children's movie. Another example would be Cary Grant in The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer, in wich there is a scene were Grant is competing in a three-legged race against his male antagonist. He picks up a boy to be his partner, grabs him by the hips (Grant was gay) and smiles to him in a very seductive way, to wich the boy smiles back very flirty and almost kissing him.
  24. ^ seems interesting
  25. Omegaverse, also called A/B/O dynamics.
  26. Fatness/Obesity and Weight Gain for both sexes, (i.e. not just women)
  27. Mummification/Sensory Deprivation
  28. Rubber Man (or Woman, for that matter)/Elasticity
  29. Itching fetish, arrogance, envy, and narcissist
  30. stomach (not belly button). Can stomach ache being the subgenre?
  31. Multiple genitals. specifically on one person. More than one dick, multiple vaginas, etc. mostly in erotic fiction -may already have a page and I'm not seeing it?-.
  32. Inflation.
  33. Being Bribed/ Pressured into having sex

Fetishizing Media (Shows and fandoms)Edit

  1. How can Torchwood not have its own page?
    1. Done! :D
  2. Pirates of the Caribbean. There are already some examples in Category:Film.
  3. Could we get some more people there? Actors, musicians, actors? Basically, anyone who isn't Robin Williams? ((He's lonely and doesn't have anyone to talk to.))
    1. Ewan McGregor is fanservice itself!
    2. Voila!
      1. You are a wonderful person. Just so you know.
    3. Other suggestions:
      1. Hugh Laurie
      2. Liam Neeson
      3. (Sir) Ian McKellen
      4. Alan Rickman
      5. Freema Agyeman
      6. Joanna Lumley
      7. Lucy Lawless
      8. Catherine Tate
  4. Sucker Punch. This movie is pure hotness.
    1. Done!
  5. H-games . All of them.
  6.  How's about we bring back ALL the Perverse Sexual Lust pages and not just the two dinky ones already here?
  7.  Mega Man classic!
  8. How about Monster Musume / Daily Life with a Monster Girl? I mean it's full of Cute Monster Girls that can cater to a variety of fetishes. It already has two big examples on the Anime and Manga page and can probably fill a whole page.
  9. Steven Universe! Given the huge amount of kink art available, you'd think it would already have a page here...
  10. Shantae. Seriously, this series has fetish-fuel written all over it.
  11. Zootopia. Nuff Said.
  12. bring the panty shot page back to the way it was before march 24 when it was accidentally deleted
  13. Toonami

Troper TalesEdit