Don't mind his expression. He's not going to do that to her.

  • This troper hates Wizards Of Waverly Place, but my friend dragged me to watch a re-run where Selena Gomez (and an elf-thing) overdose on chocolate. Hilarity Ensues. She pours it all over herself, pours a huge bowl on the floor, slides in it...
  • And another episode that opens with Alex and Harper in the Lair with Harper strapped to a vertical table with (among other things) furry cuffs.
  • Plus, the very first episode features Alex creating a mindless, pliable duplicate of herself...and her brothers figure out how to control it. On top of that, whatever it does, she does.
  • The last scene, from the Wizards Of Waverly Place episode Dollhouse, is supposed to show funny sibling rivalry and brotherly affection, but it comes off as sensual and suggestive on so many levels. Alex jumps in her older brother's arms with a huge smile on her face and Justin hugs her so tightly that she moans "Justin, you're hurting me." He makes a 'mmm, yeah' sound, after he hears her saying that, releases her and tells her: "I do feel better now, thank you." And she still has the dreamy smile on her face.
    • And her lolita doll costume is * ahem* see through... When she hugs him.
    • Earlier in that episode, Harper is wearing cat ears for no apparent reason.
      • Both the cat ears and the doll costume just reek of Cosplay.
      • Speaking of Cosplay, the whole episode set at the Comic-Con... Theresa in superhero spandex! Alex and Harper in Not-Wonder Woman outfits!
  • Alex pushing a tray of food on Justin? Justin, messy and sticky, embracing her after that and "getting her (dress) dirty"? That's like food and disney sex combined. (If you are confused, see episode Fashion Week)
  • Alex, Harper and Frankie Stein in cheerleader outfits in "Franken Girl". In fact Frankie qualifies just by herself.
  • Theresa Russo... and her showing cleavage.
    • So does Alex in at least one episode when she's leaning over the lunch counter. Forget which, one in the "Monster Hunter" arc.
  • David Henrie (Justin Russo) has one of the most perfect necks ever to exist.
    • And eyes...
    • Not to mention Justin in a suit. Yum.
    • Furious Justin. Especially when he narrows his gray eyes...Damn.
    • Justin as a Mad Scientist. If you are a Nightmare Fetishist, Justin's psychotic part is one hundred percent Fetish Fuel.
    • This troper found Justin really cute when he was acting like a little kid in Delinquent Justin.
  • This Troper is not ashamed to admits she loves Jerry Russo in all his Hollywood Pudgy, Bumbling Dad glory
  • In another episode, Alex attempts to dose a boy she likes with a love potion, of which she needs to drink the opposite half. She ends up downing them both due to a drink order mixup, causing her head to swell (literally). This troper would've expected a different effect (though not on a kid's show), but the head swelling's probably a body expansion fetish for someone.
  • The recent episode Alex's logo features Theresa dressed as a schoolgirl.
    • And Jerry reveals that the reason Theresa was so popular in high school was because she was the first girl accepted to a previously all-male Catholic school!
  • One episode featured an outfit of Alex's that had pre-torn nylons. Umm...should I be ashamed of the feelings that aroused in me?
    • Considering how often Alex wears tights, thigh highs, chunky socks and the perfect boots to display them... No. No, you shouldn't be.
  • I feel pretty lucky Selena Gomez is legal in Canada, because Alex has many traits This Troper finds sexy on fictional girls: Cartoonishly psychopathic (i love absurd/dark humor combo), black haired, pudgy faced, slightly flirtatious....
    • She's legal in California now, too.
    • Legal in all fifty states as of a few weeks ago.
  • Mason's sexy accent.
    • Not to mention that he's a werewolf. Has a lot of possibility there!
  • In Report Card, Alex, for hiding her bad notes to her parents, shreds and swallows the titular enchanted report card (which has instantly been burped out full and well). Being voraphilic, I felt like a child in a candyshop (the bad part is that Selena Gomez wasn't quite legal in my country at the time the episode was produced) .
    • Also, I used her anti-heroic nature to give an alternative outcome to the I Almost Drowned In A Chocolate Fountain and Curb Your Dragon (where she eats the con wizard in her tiger form) episodes (two episodes, one season, but imagination doesn't know the rules of time) in my *cough* intimate moments *cough* (yeah,yeah, too much information, but, hey, we are in the Fetish Fuel article for god's sake).
  • This troper knows several girls who find Max's absentmindedness quite a turn on.
    • Just his absentmindedness? Hell, this troper thinks Max is absolutely hot after his growth spurt.
    • And then when he rips his clothes off leaving him in a t-shirt and swim trunks in the episode "Alex Gives Up." Damn.
  • Alex, Theresa, and of course Shakira herself in their Shakira outfits. As for Jerry and Kelbo...
    • Well... This Troper was talking to his (female) friends and he found out that Justin in the Shakira outfit counts as this too...
  • Harper in a dress made of fruit roll snacks. Yum! And then she starts eating it...
    • Done again in an episode where she, Jerry and Max are stuck on a Ferris Wheel and she's wearing a jacket made of beef jerky which Jerry takes a bite out of.
  • In a recent episode, Justin switches back and forth between his and Alex's bodies. This brings up other possibilities...
  • Theresa as an Old West saloon girl.
  • Am I the only one who finds Selena's voice sexy as hell?
    • Not at all, not at all. She's practically my favorite singer.
    • For the fourth season, the show got a new version of the song for the opening credits. It's still Selena Gomez singing, but in this version, she sounds rather more seductive—almost as if she's moaning at times! Especially the lines "Yes, please," and "...what it seems." This Troper can't be the only one who wants to make her moan some more...
  • This line from Alex Russo, Matchmaker? has to spark something in someone:
    • Harper to Alex: Shoes off! Pinky toe swear!
  • Alex is Ambiguously Evil[1] Well, sometimes a little less evil, and occasionally not so "ambiguous", but usually just evil enough to give her the Evil Is Sexy vibe without making her less sympathetic. And she'll probably go pretty damn far to get her way, because she's just that evil.
    • And speaking of Evil Is Sexy, I'd like to reference her Evil Queen outfit in "Captain Jim Bob Sherwood". Yowza.
  • Selena Gomez in a schoolgirl uniform in the episode with the new principal... yowza!
    • What episode was this?
      • Western Show. A source of several Fetish Fuel moments.
  • Juliet, anyone? Especially the episode where she sucks the jelly out of the donut...and she and Alex have great chemistry.
    • And let's not forget the tag end of "Three Monsters" where Juliet and Justin are hugging and she thinks Justin is groping her ass only for it to turn out to be Alex. Using Cute Monster Girl Frankie Stein's detached hand no less!
  • The mirror scene in All-About-You-niverse. FULL STOP. Ms Fan Service and Parent Service rolled up in one honking big ball of Refuge In Audacity - and Crosses The Line Twice when the 'double bottom wiggle' (with Selena wiggling her bottom directly at the camera) comes off.
  • Harper herself is walking, talking Fetish Fuel. Her Osaka-esque personality, her delightfully quirky fashion sense.... Jennifer Stone's good looks are really just icing on the cake.
    • This troper would like to reference the kimono outfit in the All about You-niverse episode.
    • And the cleavage showing ballgown in "Harperella"
  • Am I the only person who thinks Jennifer Stone has some lovely legs coming out of those dresses?
  • Max in Alex's clothes, anyone? When Alex turned herself into Max to get the wizard duel date changed back, this Troper was surprised just how good he looked in her skinny jeans and wide-neck shirt.
  • Stevie and Alex's relationship drips with Les Yay.
  • In what's actually more of a Missed Fetish Fuel Moment of Awesome, the fact that Justin and Max wore clown outfits in the Beast Tamer episode but not Alex is a thorn in this troper's side. Just the thought of her ate least wearing a clown nose... Really, is there anything she wouldn't look hot in?

  1. I can't decide whether she seems more like an Anti Hero or an Anti Villain Protagonist, so I'm going with Ambiguously Evil.

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