• The female night elf, troll, and draenei dances. For that matter, draenei tails (and, to a lesser degree, the males' facial tendrils...despite the fact that, at least from what I have seen, those don't appear to be particularly mobile). And...the Maiden of Virtue.
  • Draenei females. Blue skin, nice curves, cute face and a tail! Their accent's pretty sexy too. They also used to have some rather...interesting emotes that sadly got removed.
    • "Do Gnomes have a vibrate setting? I'm just curious..."
    • They still have interesting emotes. "Are you thinking what I am thinking? Mmmm... bring ample supply of butter and Goblin Jumper Cables." In that voice. Even kinkier when you know that Goblin Jumper Cables are an item used to bring players back from the dead.
    • I can't be the only one who wonders if those behind-the-ear tendrils of theirs are an erogenous zone... can I?
      • Well, if you were, you're not anymore.
      • Seeing as they don't appear to be prehensile, what else would they be?
      • Handlebars.
      • That's what the horns are for.
    • Female Draenei are the only reason I would even consider switching to Alliance side. Sure, both sides have some good looking women, but the Draenei are on a league of their own. Not only are they very sexy looking, most of them seem to have the type of personality I find very attractive: really sweet and nice but with a dirty mind.
    • Speaking of draenei of both sexes: too bad those Auchenai Monks don't like you. Although they're all wearing full-length kilts, the males of their number run around shirtless, and the females are in sarashi.
    • /waggle
    • mmmmmm... hooves
    • Mmmmmm, hooves indeed. Draenei females are the only thing to ever actually depress this troper that his Perverse Sexual Lust can't ever truly be consummated with a living being.
      • Hooves shouldn't be sexy, but they are.
    • And then there are the 'interesting' noises the ladies make in combat. Makes you wonder if they make those same noises while 'wrestling'.
  • Female night elves. As mentioned above, the ears would probably make great handlebars.
  • Also with the advent of Cataclysm....The alliance now has something for the "Anthro Enthusiast"... Worgen.
  • I can't be the only one who likes female Dwarves. I mean, look at 'em. Those soft, smooth curves, that full bust, those swaying hips... what's not to love?
    • I'd just be terrified they might accidentally engage Stoneform at the wrong moment...ouchie.
      • "I like my beer like I like my women: stout and bitter!"
      • Don't forget about their shorter stature. Some people really like that.
    • The same could be said of female Gnomes, really.
      • FEMALE GNOMES. Especially the pink-haired ones. Oh jeez...
      • They have the plumpest, poutiest lips in the game, if that gives you any ideas.
      • They should appeal to fans of short women even more than female dwarves. Especially if you have a thing for mid—err little persons.
  • For those of us who prefer men of fuller figure, male Dwarves do quite a bit for us; it's such a shame that most of them have long beards that obscure the view of their torso. Male Gnomes also fit this category to a lesser extent.
  • The female Worgen models have just been released. It's like Blizzard noticed that with the Tauren they missed a massive opportunity to corner the Furry Fandom market and are striving to make up for it.
    • They didn't miss anything with the Tauren. See the Horde section below, or, for that matter, just punch in "Tauren" into your favorite fanart permitting site's search engine. Hell, one might say the Tauren's popularity with the fandom (furry and Warcraft) is potentially one reason Worgen are being brought Alliance.
  • Where's the male draenei love? Buff, cute faces, big tails, sexy accents. And the previously mentioned face tentacles. Also, they strut when they walk, and shake their asses when dancing. /swoon
    • Seconded! This troper wants a male draenei paladin all to himself.
      • Okay, but I have dibs on Vindicator Maraad. And my tankadin.
      • Hey, as long as I can have Jadaar, I'm happy. Eyepatches are badass, and badass is sexy.
      • You might have to fight Asric for him. Or they might be a package deal.
    • Speaking of male draenei, I really wish we had Velen's model as a character option. Dat ass...
  • Although he is at times a complete jackass, Varian has some cool scars, a sexy voice, and a really cute ponytail that has become a mini-obsession of mine. I want to tug on it... and he was once split into two people: one hotheaded and dominant and one charming, sweet, and submissive. Is anyone else thinking what I'm thinking?
  • Male night elves. Big, tall, speaking in hushed tones, and all by themselves in the Emerald Dream for thousands of years. Oh, and did I mentioned they're canonically animalistic? Yeah, baby.
  • Why is Jaina Proudmoore not mentioned on here? A magical Badass Bookworm with a little dash of Black Magician Girl? Check. Wearing a Stripperific outfit? Double-check. Long, blonde hair anda buxom bust? Checked, checked, and checked.
    • Seconded. Oh so seconded. As if her kind and sweet personality wasn't enough, her robes offer a marvellous view of her belly, which is flat, smooth and just curvy enough to stay realistic. This troper has fantasized about kissing all over the creamy white expanse of her belly on more than one occasion.
  • What about the new model of Anduin Wrynn, now that he has reached his teenage/young adulthood. Even if this teenage Tropette doesn't like Prince Charming types, she'd gladly dance with that guy in a royal more ways than one.

Burning LegionEdit

  • One amusing thought is that the Queen of the Highborn Night Elves was fantasizing about Sargeras becoming her consort when he arrived on Azeroth. Despite, SARGERAS BEING A GIANT TITAN.
    • Sargeras, being among other things an incredibly powerful mage, could probably take such a form...
  • The Succubus warlock pet. Not only does she carry a whip around with her and wear a skin-tight bodice, but left to sit still for a bit, she'll spank her own rump and let out a gasp. To say nothing about her quotes.
  • While not as much seen as the Succubus, the Shivarra are 3 meter tall demons with six arms. While they are a bit tall and the extra appendages can be a setback (or not...), they have a much nicer body than the Succubus.
  • If you don't beat Jaraxxus the first time in ToC, when you next enter the dungeon, he's subdued by a spell that makes chains float around him while he stands there, hunched over and helpless. There's something about it that tempts me to wipe the raid, every time.

The Argent Dawn / Argent CrusadeEdit

The Knights of the Ebon BladeEdit

  • If Sylvanas didn't turn you into a necrophiliac, Thassarian sure as hell will. Most of it is his beard.
  • Speaking of Koltira... he and Thassarian have subtext out the yin-yang.
    • So do Koltira and Sylvanas in the Cataclysm spoilers... does anyone else think that doesn't look so much villainous as 'SHE IS HIS DOMME, WOOT'? Yeah, Blizzard. 'Punishment.' Ri-iiiight.
      • Oh hell yes. And the whole reason she's doing it is to turn him against Thassarian. Jealous much?
  • Darkrider Arly at Blackwatch. A cute pink haired gnome death knight with an adorable metallic voice!


  • I can honestly say I'm not sure what's more sexy, Alextrasza's elven form or her dragon form. Ditto for Korialstraz/Krasus.
    • Now that Ysera's new model has been revealed for Cataclysm, it seems that Blizzard is holding to 'if it ain't broke...'
    • If you hadn't noticed her ass before, then the cinematic of her fight against Deathwing in Twilight Highlands will make sure you do!
    • Kalec and Tyrygosa as well.
  • The comic book Onyxia's human form is positively reeking of VAMP sexuality, which is exactly what she intends.
    • Indeed, if you are into that kind of thing, don't forget Sintharia aka Sinestra and Nefarian.


  • Female trolls despite having gravelly voices and only one available face that's conventionally attractive are leggy, sassy, and appear to have dirty minds.
    • "When enraged and in heat, a female troll can mate over eighty times in one night. Be ya prepared?"
  • Sylvanas has spawned a massive amount of budding necrophiliacs from Warcraft III onward.
    • Not for me. Until they gave her a new sprite◊. After that, well...
      • YMMW. For me, that made her less sexy. Sure, looked a bit a bit hotter, but I doubt you'd ever find anything as intrieging as her old voice...
    • Female Undead in general for me. Especially their one cute face, with pig tails or the "soaked" haircut.
  • Tauren females. Just... yeah. Tauren females.
    • Tauren males as well. Oh yes...
  • Blood Elves, anyone?
    • HELL YES. And while we're on the topic of Blood Elves... Kael'Thas Sunstrider... DO WANT! NOW!
      • Also Halduron, and Rommath (TATS), and Lor'themar (hot scar), and so on, and so on. ...This troper will drop Auric in there too, because he's fairly buddy-buddy with the others that his homeys have probably rejected him. Aww, woobie.
  • The male trolls, with their rangy build and smooth, Caribbean-accented voices, are quite popular as well.
    • They're so weird-looking that they shouldn't be sexy...but somehow, they are. It's got to be kinesthetics and attitude.
      • Trolls got de mojo, mon. De ladies love a bruddah wit' mojo. Nuff said.
      • That is why my boyfriend and I have raised Vol'jin into something of a voodoo sex god. He is not ashamed.
  • For this troper one of the sexiest and deadly weapons the Horde has are female Orcs! Come on! Hip, bust, curves in all the right places and muscles.
  • Guess I'll be the first to say it, but Goblin girls can be pretty damn cute. Yes, they are short, but they still somehow manage to be kind of curvy and have a nice bust. The Goblin girls have more cutefases than the orc or troll girls, and there's just something about their pointy noses. The sassiness they give off is it's own fetish. Their /dance moves are sexy, and to top it all off, Goblin girls are just the right height, when next to one of the taller races, If You Know What I Mean.


  • It's a Running Gag in my World Of Warcraft guild that Lady Vashj's snake-hair in Serpentshrine Cavern is a walking (slithering?) exercise in Naughty Tentacles.
    • The female naga in general have a lot of this, being naked four-armed serpent-women with flexible tails. Vashj just adds one more to the list.
    • Queen Azshara. Naughty Tentacles on her head and below her waist. Plus, she was the most beautiful of all the Highborne, who lost none of her sexy when she was transformed into the Queen of the Naga and got said Naughty Tentacles. One of the Tabletop RPG sourcebooks has an...interesting and very NSFW drawing of her that you can find on Wo W Wiki. You're welcome.

Scarlet CrusadeEdit

  • Interrogator Vishas in the Graveyard wing of Scarlet monastery. For his voiced aggro announcement, he says in a rather out-of-breath and creepy voice, "Tell me... tell me everything!" and sometimes, "Naughty secrets!".
  • Inquisitor Whitemane, oh Dear Light. Truly naughty for teacher am I with her Stripperiffic Cleric's outfit and voice.


  • A race where every male is a gorgeous bishonen with metrosexual tendencies? No, that will never be relevant to people's interests! /sarcasm. Oh, and how about Illidan Stormrage? Blindfolded, muscular, winged, demonic... I'm sure there are quite a few fetishes that get catered to.
    • My favorite part is after Illidan becomes the latter of those two qualities and then decides he is too cool for shirts ever.
    • Mmm, Illidan.
    • Oh hell yes! Illidan really hits this Tropette's fetishes big time.
    • How has no one connected the dots between these two things and mentioned the sweet, delicious Ho Yay between Illidan and Kael'thas Sunstrider? Granted, it was pretty much only present in Warcraft III (thanks to Character Derailment in World Of Warcraft), but—yowza. A gorgeous, blond Elven prince that constantly calls the much bigger Fetish Fuel Station Attendant he's sworn allegiance to Master? And frequently kneels before him? This Yaoi Fangirl has written a metric crapload of smut fics with these two.
    • This could be considered YMMV, but this old bastard of a male troper is seeing it. Kael'thas gets VERY AGITATED when Illidan is attacked in WCIII; Illidan calls Kael'thas 'Kael'. So there, whingy fanboys who don't like girls in your games. You protest too much.
    • Hell, the entire top part of the right side of the exterior of the Black Temple is covered with topless male Blood Elves training to be demon hunters. This Troper sometimes flies up there and finds a quiet spot to just sit and watch the myriad of skin tones, hair styles and colors, and tattoos walk about and spar.
  • In a way similar to the Karazhan example below, Black Temple has a trash mob segment that consists of nothing but women in revealing dresses, spellbound/enslaved male servants, succubi, and Shivarra in Breast Plates, one of whom is the boss of the area. The area is aptly named the "Den of Mortal Delights".


  • After a good deal of debating, I have finally decided to come forward with her thing for raid boss Sir Zeliek. Most of it is his Blessed With Suck People Puppet predicament, and his voice when he whispers "Forgive me!", but there's also something appealingly badass about the way he still keeps the faith in the face of all that, never giving in to the corruption or the despair that, by the way, would probably make him much less useful to his enemy/master. And he probably knows it would, too. Nnnnnh... (Yes, I am a sick puppy. And very distracted when we fight the Four Horsemen.)
    • Seconded. You are not alone my friend. Zeliek and human!Arthas have both been known to distract this mage.
  • The undertones of the current Lich King's origin story are a source of both fascination and epic parody fuel. First the mind control of a hero that goes deeply enough to get him to totally abandon everything he clearly cares about - that's some powerful shit. Just picks up the sword and boom - he's not only obeying the Lich King, he's liking it. Then comes the freaky-deaky mind meld, when Arthas actually willingly, even eagerly allows himself to be destroyed as an individual. Did I mention the Lich King's helmet that he puts on to do this is called the Helm of Domination? Why the hell is there no slash for this?
    • Hell, you don't have to look very far to uncover mind control material here. It's not only a standard priest spell but shows up on quite a few bosses (many of which say things like "Obey me" and "Submit to my will" when they activate the effect).
    • Arthas didn't prove quite as submissive as many thought. The truth is that Arthas was actually in control the whole time and in a You Have Outlived Your Usefulness moment between major villains he destroys Ner'zhul's soul. Quoted from Wo W Wiki:

"We are one, Arthas. Together we are the Lich King. No more Ner'zhul, no more Arthas — only this one glorious being." With that Arthas murders Ner'zhul and tells him "No we. No one tells me what to do. I've got everything I need from you — now the power is mine and mine alone. Now there is only I. I am the Lich King. And I am ready."

    • It was hotter before it got Jossed. :(
    • And then he turns around and does pretty much the exact same thing to player characters. Many baby Death Knights have spent far too much time slaughtering terrified peasants, just to hear "Your will is not your own" and other charming (and voiced!) whispers from Arthas one more time.
    • The related whispering in the Undercity gave this male troper an EARGASM.
  • When some find Arthas' past pretty kinky, This Female Troper find Arthas himself ridiculously hot! And not that living, Prince-Of-Menethil Arthas, but that Ax Crazy - Lich King - Manipulative Bastard - Arthas! White Haired Pretty Boy with a deep voice in an armor that every Death Metal singer would die for.
    • Not just the ladies are diggin' it. You are, o tropette, NOT ALONE. :) Arthas can magnetic grasp my harbl any time.
  • The Val'Kyr◊ Valkyries are quite packed with Fetish Fuel if you are into mythological creatures. Their armor is carefully designed for RPG gaming ( = As revealing as possible) and their ghastly, powerful voices gives the chills to anyone.
  • The San'Layns. They are Tall Dark And Snarky, have mesmerizing voices and dress well. I mean, just look at Prince Taldaram◊ for example.
    • They give even more for het male/bi/lesbian/etc necrophiliacs in the form of Queen Lana'thel, she even performs a One Winged Angel transformation later, which makes her even.... scarier hotter that people may want to be her captive.....nooooooo! mussssst ressssissssst....NOOOOO! God Save Us From The Queen.
      • For this troper, Prince Keleseth is the huge distraction. He is HNNNNNNG-inducing. Having an excellent crazy berserk laugh, giving Death Knights sharp pointy things to use on the Scarlet Crusade, using a spell called flippin' Shadow Prison...yeah, he would eat me in the bad way, I DON'T CARE.
      • I'm not usually attracted to voices and I'm not usually attracted to women. But dear god, Lana'thel's voice, I have to turn the sound off when I raid her or else I forget to move when I'm supposed to.
  • Scourgelord Tyrannus in the Pit of Saron has a voice that causes many to swoon.
    • Male player Worgen in Cataclysm have the same voice.
  • Female Vrykul, physically anyway. Huge, amazon-esque warrior-women? In both normal and frosty versions? Yes please. But then you hear their voices...
    • Male Vrykul, for those who are into that, for the same reasons; super-tall and buff. Their voices aren't quite as off-putting, either, in This Troper's opinion...
      • This troper honestly doesn't think Female Vrykul voice detracts that much. Amd their attack and damage sounds just make them sound like tougher women.
  • No mention of the Banshees? Just take your weapon off and punch them; no spells or anything. Listen, and enjoy.


  • And then there's the dance emote for Shaman when they're in Ghost Wolf form. While the designers probably didn't imagine a little puppy hopping up and down on its hind legs to be anything but mildly cute, the player base instantly perverted it. Sufficed to say, it ranges between leg hump and out-and-out bestiality.
    • You can do much worse things with the Druid's cat form.
    • And added to when Blizzard finally added voice acting for demonic minions. Pretty much every line the succubus has; a typical example is one "about to attack" line, "Let's get this party started."
    • As someone who began playing in the first year, that skin-tight bodice is their third model. Their first model also had what was clearly clothes. I forget if the second model just had thick hair or if they were leaves covering her "naughty" bits. A lot more skin was showing back then.
  • Lots and lots and lots of Breast Plate. My husband has a female human character who gets Stripperiffic items so often we dubbed her "the Skankadin."
  • The engineers at Blizzard surely had a lot of fun when coding the enemies of The Guest Chambers to Karazhan. All of them are either female humans or female blood elves, dressed in low-cut, very revealing dresses and when engaged/during in/the combat they say things like "I want to show you a different side of me..." "Enough with the foreplay." "I have a little secret I've been keeping." etc.
    • For added fun, take a moment to listen to their dialogue before engaging them:

"And then he asked if the imp could join in...actually, it wasn't that bad..."

  • This chubby chasing troper always has difficulty focusing when he has to do a quest that involves killing Ogres◊, especially when they die by falling backwards, leaving their generous midsections protruding into the air. (Their old model◊ would have made it even more difficult)
  • This troper is sad that no one has mentioned Nexus-Prince Shaffar in Mana-Tombs. With that voice, he can show me his 'interesting things' any time.
  • Harpies. Mostly naked, shapely women. And they have feathers and talons if you're into that sort of thing. I should also add that if you look closely, the crease where their movable legs meet looks like, well, something else entirely. I swear, my friend told me about that one. Really.
  • Oh, all the fun things you can do with Mirror Image. Sure it only lasts 30 seconds, but it'd make a great finisher. Just be sure to glyph it!