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Jean hypnotized

Some mutant powers allow you to control a hot redhead.

  • Jean Grey was part of the original team, and she's a gorgeous, fiery redhead who can turn from an innocent, smiling little Betty into a sadistic, cackling Veronica at the drop of a hat. And did I mention she's telepathic...and telekinetic? And for an X-Woman who always gets pigeon-holed as "the good girl", she seems to end up in black leather an awful lot. Yes, please!
    • I was more turned on by how Jean dreamily enjoys her new fur coat than any of her Stripperiffic costumes. I hope she wears it again when she comes back (they can't stay Running The Asylum forever).
    • Jean also has a tendency to get hypnotized a lot.
      • You'd figure a telepath like Xavier could have prepared her for that. Unless the Professor was doing it to her all alone. Early comics confirm he had motive.
    • Her first new costume after the team ditched the original uniforms. A green dress with a short skirt and yellow boots.
  • This troper is pretty sure Nightcrawler gave her a thing for tails and pointy ears.
    • There is a reason WHY he's on the Fetish Fuel Station Attendant list.
    • This troper is VERY sure. And don't forget blue fur...
      • The fur explicitly feels like velvet.
    • This troper thanks the internet for letting her know she's not alone. It's the combination of Sad Clown and woobie and the eyes and the blue fur...
      • And the tail, don't forget THE TAIL. If he can wield a sword with it.... And there is also the particular DVD interview with Chris Claremont where he states Wizards once asked him to tell them something about dear Kurt that no one else knew, to which he replies "Well you know how Nightcrawler has two fingers and two toes? He has two of something else too... I don't know WHY I know this, I just do..."
      • Ears? Eyes? Cute Little Fangs? Mmm. Fangs.
      • And this Troper just loves the Fan Girl (so who did you Ho Yay him up with? ^_^)
      • Also, German.
      • And the cute swashbuckling Errol Flynn persona. I'm male, mostly straight, and yet... is it possible to be in love with a comic book character? The comic version is insanely awesome and hot, and the X Men Evolution is adorable enough to try really really hard to put the fact that you'd totally go to jail out of your mind. Add woobie-ishness, a bit of mischievous jokester-ness, that cute face, make him shorter (instant adorability boost, especially since he's so confident anyway) and... he can totally run on all fours, and stands digitigrade, making him just a bit more interestingly inhuman. X-Men Legends II (but not I) gives him the all-fours run, and... you know you've got a case of Perverse Sexual Lust if you play a video game over and over just to watch him run. Oh, and the hair.
    • Mine came from Nocturne.
    • For a long while, he wanted to be a priest. Nightcrawler. Cassock.
    • He's very flexible. Not like scary-flexible, either. Just... flexible. Also, Girl!Kurt, in accordance with Rule 63. Wow... just... wow... (Poor Wolverine looks like a hot mess, though.)
    • He can probably teleport himself and others out of their clothing. Just sayin'.
    • What's really hilarious is that Nightcrawler's appearance was originally intended to be creepy, to contrast with his personality. Instead he tops the X-Men's Fetish Fuel list.
    • Don't forget that he so nice. Who doesn't want a Nice Guy in the end?
  • This troper is pretty sure Mystique is half the reason she has such a thing for blue skin. And shapeshifting.
  • The X Men in the early nineties introduced this troper to the wonders of extremely tight clothing on improbably firm bodies.
    • Lampshaded in an issue of Ultimate X-Men when a villain attempted to rattle the heroes by saying something to the effect of, "Strange that Prof. X would insist that all his teenage students dress in skintight leather clothes."
  • This Troper is obliged to confess that reading Chris Claremont's classic '80s run on X Men (with the well known atypical gender ratio for Super Power Lottery winners and Bad Ass moments) may have had an influence on his attitudes on gender roles in relationships.
  • The X-Men character Siryn (the daughter of fellow sonic-screaming mutant Banshee) was already an attractive redhead with a skintight outfit and a cute accent. Then they revealed that unlike her father, she could use her voice to make people instantly fall in love with her. And that it works on women too...
  • This female troper is sure that her thing for huge yet gentle men that are not afraid to show their sweet side came from her colossal (hehehe) childhood crush on Peter Rasputin aka Colossus. Whether he's straight or gay (Ultimate X-Men), it doesn't matter: he's still so damn hot to her and she still sorta envies Kitty Pryde.
    • This troper has only really seen Colossus in the second and third movies and in Ultimate X-Men, but UNF UNF. He's so damn buff and in the Ultimate universe, he hits my Hard Gay kink perfectly.
    • In either universe he has some Ho Yay with Wolverine, too. I think in Ultimate he wanted to draw Wolverine nude.
  • Movie Mystique. She gets to beat up Wolverine in the first movie. She's even more awesome inflitrating the base in X-Men 2. And there's something about how she slides into that chair when hacking the computer early on. Plus she's a naked scaly blue lady with copper hair and fiery eyes - played by Rebecca Stamos. Want, Mommy.
    • While on the subject of the X-Men movies: yes, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is a blatant case of Adaptational Attractiveness. No, I don't care—especially when he breaks out of Stryker's base raging, wet, and stark naked in Origins.
      • Just Wolverine? What about Deadpool, played by the wonderfully gorgeous and charmingly funny Ryan Reynolds? As if I didn't have enough of a Deadpool fetish...
    • This is a case where Movie!Mystique was Fetish Fuel for me but she was Nightmare Fuel for my little sister. Funny how that works...
    • Speaking of the movies... Movieverse Silver Fox. An innocent touch, and she could make you do anything, anything, and think it was your idea. (Of course, any of the verse's psychics could do this, without even needing to touch you, but it's not as subtle.)
      • Speaking of the movies, Movieverse Jean Grey. Victoria Secret model, in tight leather, and metal bondage? I'll be in the bunk
  • Deadpool does it for this troper. Yes, he's heavily scarred and has no hair, but she prefers him in his suit, babbling on and on and on...I have a thing for men in tight, male Spy Catsuit outfits and with good senses of humor.
  • Kitty Pryde. Sure, she may not have the Most Common Super Power, but really, the cute girl who can phase through matter and walk on air? I'm just saying, anytime any place, she can be there and take you there too...
    • And she'll be naked when she gets there, 'cos she can phase out of her clothes. And she can phase you out of your clothes. And she has cute freckles.
    • And in the 3rd movie, she's played by Ellen Page. How awesome is THAT? Even though we don't get Juno's snark, we still get the take-no-prisoners badassery of Hard Candy. Plus, she's the bitch, Juggernaut!
      • Meh. Woulda been better if it had stayed Katie Stuart.
    • In the series premiere of Wolverine and the X-Men, she's tied up via Tentacle Rope in the Danger Room. Yay.
    • And since she phases, you don't have to worry about contraception... although that would be kinda messy.
    • The physical is only one aspect of her total hotness . She's a computer genius. She has a great imagination and is probably well-read, as evidenced by the fairy tale she told to Illyana Rasputin (Pirate Kitty, captain of the Abdul Alhazred ?). Along with Nightcrawler, she seems like the X-Man I'd most want to hang out with.
  • From the newest batch of students comes this troper's newest weird crush: liquid metal Shape Shifter, Mercury.
    • Not exactly weird. I mean, she has stretching powers, can shapeshift, heals from any damage, doesn't have to breathe, and is a redheaded 18 year old superhero cheerleader. Given her powers, it is actually quicker to come up with a list of fetishes she COULDN'T fulfill. Even the silvery skin adds Green Skinned Space Babe appeal.
  • This Troper would love to know how a short, hairy, ugly guy like Wolverine (my opinion, of course) could have a female clone that is so incredibly CUTE!!
    • A gothy, teenage female girl who's a former sadomasochist prostitute. At least in the comics; in Evolution, she was just lonely and making up for it with anger. Tsundere, you say?
  • Speaking of Logan and his Opposite Sex Clone, this troper directs lovers of all things Fuel to the recently published X-23 #6, in which our improbably gorgeous Action Girl finds herself captured by Miss Sinister on her Island Base. What follows is a fuel-tastic sequence almost unworthy of spoiling here. Weapon X 2.0 finds herself in bondage in her host’s laboratory, only to be told that she’s in line for a forced Body Swap. With a demeanour that smacks of I Have You Now My Pretty and a dress sense that a dominatrix would reject as too kinky, her captor towers over her (thanks in part to those high-heeled leather thigh-highs), and seemingly avails herself of every opportunity to fondle and tease our helpless Wolverine-twinned Woobie, whilst telling her how beautiful she is, and how much she wants her body (you know... for the swap). To add fire to the fuel, Laura’s bare feet are prominently displayed (and particularly well-drawn) throughout, despite there being no conceivable dramatic reason why she would need her shoes off. One wonders....
  • Wait a minute! How can Hank McCoy, aka the Beast, not have been mentioned yet? A big blue furry guy, quite athletic, who likes to hang himself upside-down, and strong as a mutant can be. He also had a brilliant intelligence, if you prefer just to talk. I'm sure there's a public for him...
    • Then there's also the fact that instead of just looking hairy, blue and monkey-ish like he did in the past, he now looks far more cat-like. Oh and he attempted to shake off a girl whose presense he didn't feel welcome at by claiming he was gay.
    • Plus a lot of his costumes consisted of nothing more than a pair of briefs.
  • This Troper can't believe Gambit hasn't made it in yet. Troubled But Cute, thinks fair fights are for losers, incredibly limber, and a gorgeous accent on top of it all? Momma want.
    • Momma want indeed. The animated X-Men is the reason this Troper first started to drool; even if the accent is technically wrong, it's so hot. X-Treme X-Men and Salvador Larroca's artwork of him? Was Christmas all year.
      • He's also charming to a degree that it's said to be part of his mutant power.
      • Gambit is the reason behind this Troper's thing for Cajun accents.
  • Dust, aka Sooraya Qadir of the Young X-Men. Cute, shy, has a wonderful personality and an exotic sex appeal about her despite being a Captain Ethnic, and on top of that, get her out of the abaya and niqab and she's just impossibly gorgeous. And while we're on the subject of the outfit... this may sound tasteless but knowing what she looks like underneath her regular outfit, I look at her costume and think 'Christmas present...'
    • A lot of people tend to comment on women's eyes in countries where those outfits are common.
  • Freakshow. He's a minor character, but... he can turn into a giant monster at will, and turn back wearing nothing but his Hanes (why that's spared is a good question, and the way he was holding a stop sign in front of himself, you'd think the original plan was to not have them.) and is so adorably sheepish about it instead of the way most X-Men (save Wolfsbane) seem to not care when they suffer Clothing Damage.
    • Speaking of Wolfsbane... you've got the adorable woobie with a literal animal side. And, with her deeply religious nature, you've got the whole Forbidden Fruit thing going on there. Not to mention that she's another case of a heroine not ruined by the Most Common Super Power.
  • Oh, did we mention that X-Men suffer Clothing Damage or otherwise end up nekkid a lot, and often don't seem to care that much? Imagine if you will, Nightcrawler teleporting out of the bath and around town to rescue someone... and then right back in, dropping the rescuee right into the drink (and splashing poor Amanda.) Or Psylocke and Cypher returning to the mansion with Cypher shirtless and Psylocke... everything-less. (It involved other dimensions and... meh, it makes sense in context, okay?) Storm comes from a part of Africa where being seen clothes-less isn't particularly embarrassing at all, and frequently showers in the rain she makes. The next scene with something like this is never too far away. Everyone on the long list above? If you haven't seen them wearing nothing but Godiva Hair or Peek A Boo tricks, you just haven't yet.
  • Storm, an Innocent Fanservice Girl by American standards (of the aforementioned that she doesn't have a problem being nude) African woman with gorgeous white hair, is [bad ass and yet gentle. Her debut outfit was esstentially a black bikini with thigh-high boots (unf) and cape. She also had a period where she had a mohawk and otherwise punk-like attire. And until her recent Strangled By The Red String, she was very fierce and assertive.
    • As a straight girl, I'm not really into women, but... I'm totally into the male version of Storm from The Great X-Change. Totally. Into. Him.
  • The White Queen. High-Octane Fetish Fuel if there is such a thing. The visuals are obvious: boots, corset, gloves. The demeanor? Icy as Dante's 9th circle. And then there's the fact that she can read your damn mind and cause you pain without lifting a finger. Thank you very much, Mr. Claremont.
    • Similarly, The New Red Queen, who was introduced using mind control and whipping a guy. She also amasses a "Sisterhood of Mutants" composed entirely of women.
    • Let's not forget what a massive Woobie Emma is underneath all that snark.
  • This female troper isn't sure whether she is a lesbian but is turned on by the morlock Callisto before she had been revamped with tentacle arms later (and depowered) in the comics. Her tough girl butch haircut, leather jacket, flat chest, studded collar, eyepatch and the scar on her eye makes her look like a hot butch. In fact, some of the viewers of the 90s X-Men cartoon thought that she is a guy.
  • Rogue. Especially in the Evolution universe. Southern accent, bad girl turned good, goth, forbidden fruit. Oh and let us not forget the hair stripe.
    • Anyone remember the episode where she absorbed Sabretooth's powers and basically turned into a werewolf? Is there a fetish that Rogue hasn't fulfilled in any X-Men related media?
    • From the '90s cartoon: Sassy, yet feisty tsundere + Southern accent + bomber jacket + Eighties Hair = epic hottie.
  • Valerie Cooper. Especially when she has her hair in a ponytail.
  • Movie Toad. He was a cute, British Deadpan Snarker who kicked wholesale ass in the final fight. His sadistic sense of humor throughout the movie, along with the Sabretooth banter, made him my favorite character almost instantly. Toad in the Ultimate universe isn't that bad either. Oh...yeah, and the tongue. That about sums it up there.
  • This troper has a thing for erotic mind control and Mind Game Ship and spent all Claremont's X-men (and New Mutants) run by going "Wow", and also "How did this get past Comics Code Authority?"
  • Say what you will about Cyclops, the man sires some HOT STUFF. Between the psychic powerhouse Woobie Rachel and the snarky Ruby, there's something for everybody. His (adopted) granddaughter isn't half bad, either, RRROWR!
  • Psylocke when Jim Lee turned her into a Japanese ninja in a Striperrific swimsuit.
    • Not to mention turning her into the most improbably bootylicious ninja on the printed page. How she managed to get that lithe while staying that curvy in the backside, I have no idea. But I'm not complaining.
  • How about Stacy X: Snakelike appearence, saucy personality and the ability to control the phermones in your body and make you feel ulitmate pleasure.
  • This troper is highly attracted to Todd Tolanski, the Toad of the X-Men: Evolution cartoon. He's kinda cute, he have a cool accent and cool clothes, he's really funny, he can be sweet sometime, he's totally devoted to the girl he love, he's flexible and agile, he have a looooong and slimy tongue...
  • Not a character but, in the 90's cartoon, Sinister's base in the savage lands has living tentacles that can be used to bind captives to the wall with living tentacles. He uses this on several characters and, at one point, an already bound Morph (who'd previously been brainwashed to serve Sinister but had recently broken free) talks back to him, prompting a pissed Sinister to bind him tighter with more tentacles.
  • Morph, from the X-Men animated serie. Everything about him! He's awesome!!!
    • So it's not just me! Between the high perversion potential power, the Ho Yay with Wolverine, the fact that he spends the whole second season being MC'ed by Sinister, and the aforementioned tentacle binding when he tries to break free...the guy's kinda walking Fetish Fuel.
  • Scarlet Witch, anyone? A classy Eastern European Hot Witch in a bright red corset and thong underwear, with one HELL of a dark side. As a villain, she's a reality-warping dominatrix who can bend a man to her will with a snap of her fingers. As an anti-hero, she's a Woobie-licious Hot Mom with a touch of Ill Girl, and you just want to cuddle up with her and tell her everything's gonna be okay. Plus, y'know...she married an android. There's probably a fetish for that somewhere.

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