Miss Wuya, you're trying to seduce me.

  • WUYA!!! She's hot! She's barefoot! And she likes using her feet in a fight!
    • Not to mention she's a green-eyed redhead with dark-tanned skin and has big hips.
    • In "Chucky Choo", we see a briefly close-up of her feet when she kicked Dojo. Then as Dojo is dangling, Wuya uses her toes to flick his hands from the edge.
  • Many of the Shen Gong Wu have Power Perversion Potential, and doubtlessly indulge in one fetish or another.
    • Changing Chopsticks: microphilia
      • Combined with the Reversing Mirror, macrophilia.
    • Monkey Staff: anything to do with the eponymous animal.
    • Tangle Web Comb: bondage
    • Ring of the 9 Dragons
    • The Falcon's Eye gives the user x-ray vision.
    • Silk Spitter: Squick + bondage
    • The Shadow Of Fear
    • The Gills of Hamachi, a choker-necklace that turns the wearer into a human-fish.
    • Zing-Zom-Bone: turns others into zombies under the user's control.
    • The Moby Morpher allows the user to transform into anything or anyone they want.
  • The fights between Wuya and Kimiko.
    • In "The Life and Times of Hannibal Roy Bean", Wuya entices Kimiko by placing a target right on her butt. Then she kicks Kimiko right in the face, and we get a brief close-up of her barefoot.
    • This dialogue "Omi Town":
Wuya: So you think you can handle me?
Kimiko: And then some, you old witch!
(Kimiko tries to sidekick her, but she missed. Wuya then kicks her in the stomach, sending Kimiko flying and knocking out Clay)
Wuya: (still has her leg up) Never insult your elders, especially when I can kick your butt.
  • Raimundo. This troper has a thing for Latinos and bad boys like him.
  • Katnappe ends up hogtied at the end of one episode.
    • She also swallows a live goldfish in an episode for all you voreaphiles out there.
    • Can't forget the sexy catsuit she is always shown wearing.
  • Jack's goggles are very much a turn on for some.
  • Two Words: Chase Young. 1500 year old man who looks like he's in his 20's and can shapeshift into a dragon.
  • The Chameleon-Bot, shown to be able to turn into anyone or anything it wants. Apparently with no restrictions.
  • The episode "The Last Temptation of Raimundo"
  • Kimiko herself qualifies as Fetish Fuel.
    • In "Tangled Web" she wears a kimono and has her hair up, looking like a traditional Japanese girl. Much to her chargin. She even wears a pair of geta on barefeet. She later ditches the geta during the showdown. And near the end, she has her hair down.
  • Jack. Just... Jack. Geeky *and* evil!
  • This troper remembers an episode where Mala-Mala Jong stuck Jack to the wall with the Silk Spitter and tore off Jack's trousers, leaving him in just goofy print underpants. It was just to get a Sheng Gong Wu for a final step for an evil scheme, but .......kind of kinky for a kid's show.
  • Not something that appeals to this troper, but Youtube has shown how many Chase Young fangirls drool over a Bad Future episode because we have Chase in blue-and-white stripped boxers and tied to a weird machine that paints his stomach yellow while water constantly drops on top of his head. How many fetishes does that appeal to?
  • The shippy-ness between Wuya and Katnappe. Especially in Katnappe's first appearance, where Wuya has her mouth hanging and panting while seeing Katnappe in her catsuit.